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About FanActivate

What advertisements were posted in the stadium at the last sporting event you attended or watched on TV or your Mobile Device? Don’t feel bad if you can’t remember. The truth is, few people do. Rarely do they even notice the signage that companies use to advertise their products and services anymore.

So how do you reach your customers? If you aren’t plastering your advertising on the walls of a stadium, how are you supposed to advertise at a sporting event? The answer is in the palm of your hand – literally.

FanActivate had tapped into the power of the mobile device as a potent marketing tool. We offer you a marketing experience that is unique and unlike anything you have ever seen before.

What We Do

At FanActivate we don’t just give you a platform for marketing to your customers, we give you a unique, fun, creative engagement tool that will set you apart from your competitors. We give you a way to market to your customers, provide offers, coupons, and inform them of your company’s special events or sales via SMS – texting.

Instead of slapping up a few signs in a stadium and hoping for the best, we provide a way for you to reach sports fans of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and much more. What better way to advertise to someone than when their favorite team is winning? Or console them when their team loses by enticing them with some retail therapy.

Simple and Easy

FanActivate is marketing made easy, in just four easy steps you can reach your customers, engage them, and re-market to them. From creation to deployment you are in the driver’s seat, controlling your campaign and engaging your customers. We make it super easy to create your account. Just enter some information into your secure site and within a few clicks you are on your way.

Creating and managing your campaign couldn’t be easier either. From choosing your keyword to deployment you are in control and you don’t have to be a computer guru to do it. You simply enter your promotions and reminders, include some administrative information and we do the rest.

Real-time Statistics

Your campaign is in real-time so your stats should be too. At any time you can log onto your account and check to see how your campaign (or multiple campaigns) is doing. Then when your campaign goes live and you begin promoting its keyword, you can see in real-time how your customers are responding and what elements are working for you.

If you need us, we're always here

Like you, our number one priority is our customers. Without you we wouldn't be here. And because we value you as a customer, we work hard to make sure that every step of your customer experience is absolutely awesome. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is yet another aspect of FanActivate that really sets us apart.

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