Unsolicited Electronic Message Policy

Unsolicited electronic messages are messages that are sent to an individual who has not "opted-in" or messages with content that is offensive or prohibited by law.  Independent advertisers are permitted to send messages to individuals who have opted in to receive information from such independent advertisers.  But the improper use of unsolicited electronic messages is not good or ethical business. We do not treat offenses lightly and do everything in our power to ensure that messages sent with the FanActivate Service comply with the law and protects the recipients of the messages.
I think a user is sending me unsolicited electronic messages or spam. What do I do?

If you believe that an independent advertiser is using the FanActivate Service to send you unsolicited electronic messages, please contact us on our support desk with information or the message you received so we can take appropriate action.
What happens if I send unsolicited electronic messages, or try to?

We do not treat independent advertisers who abuse the FanActivate Service lightly. If we feel you are sending messages that are inappropriate or if we feel we are receiving too many complaints from customers, we will do the following upon the conclusion of our investigation (* We presume that you are innocent and investigate all potential spam incidents thoroughly before making a decision):

  • First Offence: Suspend Your Account
  • Repeat Violator: Terminate Your Account
  • Severe Cases: Blacklist you from using our platform. You will not be able to use it again.
  • Legal Action: Based on the nature of the violation we may take legal action against you.
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